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In the name of God the Merciful

My Arab brothers and sons:

In my last days, I have decided while waiting for righteous death, to address you as a retiree and a preacher. This nation has guided me to lead the great Syrian revolution against the precarious French occupation. So I undertook the honorable quest of leadership, I asked for martyrdom, I fulfilled the entrustment.

The revolution was launched from the great mountain, Jabal Al Arab, to spread and expand, and its motto was “religion is for God and the homeland is for all”. I believe it has brought for you honor and pride, and for Colonialism humiliation and shame.

My wish to you my Arab brothers and sons is that the long way awaiting you ahead demands great hardship that needs effort and struggle; a struggle with one’s self and a struggle with the enemy. So be patient like the free. Let your national unity, the strength of your faith, and the stability of your ranks, be your way to cease your enemies, to expel invaders and to liberate the land.

Be informed that the preservation of independence is your honorable quest after too many martyrs have died, and too much blood have been spilled for its purpose, and know that the unity of the Arabs is their power and strength, it’s the dream of generations and the path for salvation. And know that what was taken with the sword, by the sword can it only be taken back, and faith is stronger than any weapon, and that the cup of melancholy with honor tastes way better than the most delicious water of life with humiliation. And know that faith is grown with patience, harvested with justice, nourished with certainty and strengthened with struggle.

Go back to your rich history of heroism and achievements, because I have not seen a stronger influence in people than the influence of reading their own history to motivate their feelings and awaken their inspiration, and to mobilize people to earn their freedom and unity and raise the flags of victory.

Be informed that piety is for God and love is for the earth, and that virtue prevails, and that honor comes with virtue and pride comes with freedom, that pride is in dignity, and advancement is provoked by knowledge and hard work, and that security comes with justice, and cooperation is strength.

Praise be to God. He gave me a lifetime which was ruled by struggle and humbleness. He strengthened me and guided me, and sent me back to my brothers. I seek God’s forgiveness and to Him I return, He is my suffice and the best deputy. As for money and belongings I leave behind, it is of a humble peasant governed by the rules set by God.

Sultan Al Atrash

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