The will of Sheikh Mohammed Abou Chakra

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In the name of of Allah the Merciful

My brothers and my sons…

I did not want to leave this finite world to meet the face of my Lord without advising you with some of my concerns that have never lost sight of my thoughts and intentions throughout my whole life, and I summarize those concerns in this letter, which I preferred to hold the interpretation of (a commandment) for its significance and value to be taken of utmost importance, for present and future generations to our gracious monotheistic faith in general, and to each of its members in particular.

Therefore, I appeal to you for the truth of what you have known from self-praise, elevation, awareness, and loyalty:

Each of you should always remember the origin and heritage of our gracious monotheistic faith, its history and its glory, to tell your grandchildren and children, and to cultivate in their thoughts and souls the virtue of adhering to the ethical and moral rules that were behind those glories and bright history, and to preserve your cohesion and unity in both good and bad.

  1. To always thrive for keeping your leadership unified in all circumstances because the many trials nations and people went through have always confirmed that there is no immunity for any nation, no elevation, no progress, no tranquility, no stability, and no dignity if it is plagued with conflict and division.
  2. I warn you against the prolonged migration that carries the seeds of disintegration and decay that give rise to long-term common weakness, with the consequent loss of your country’s identity, one that has always provided you with all the components of prestige, respect and stability.
  3. I warn you from marrying foreigners due to what it leads to in denial of the principles of our gracious monotheistic faith and in departure from all of its traditions and honorable heritage, and what results in blurring of these customs and practices and in prevention for everything related to it – what we take pride in from history to heritage are not only limited to you, but also to your children who may become in complete alienation from all the solid rules that have helped our ancestors take on the most demanding responsibilities, and helped them confront the greatest dangers, and also helped them occupy the most prestigious positions throughout a history rich with exploits and promotions.
  4. I warn you from falling into the sludge of drugs, abuse, alcoholism, gambling and smoking, not only because they are considered taboo, but also because they lead you to lose your health, money, masculinity and even dignity.
  5. I urge you to seek the achievement of education of applied sciences and not only theoretical sciences. I also urge you to enduldge in respectful commercial, industrial and artistic activities, such that you would not be overwhelmed by progress and to stay current with the era which you live in, where competition at the individual and group level will spread.
  6. I urge you to involve yourselves in the establishment of different types of activities of health, social, cultural and humanitarian natures, because such healthy establishments protect your presence and preserve your dignity and empowers you and helps to meet your needs, and pushes you forward in the areas of progress, liberation, and prosperity.

This is my message, but also my will to you brothers and children of our gracious monotheistic faith. I hope that you reflect on its content and examine its dimensions and educate individuals and groups about it. I believe that in committing to it, you will preserve your presence and protect it both internally in your homelands and externally outside the borders of homelands, over ages and ages to come. God be your companion and guardian to your virtue, dignity, and contentment.

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